Air Conditioning St. Petersburg

Option on Air Condition units in St. Petersburg FL

 Central Air Conditioning- Are much more robust and is cable of producing more cooling for bigger jobs. Central Air Conditioning is usually installed in big apartment complex, shopping malls, libraries and other public spaces; central air conditioning systems are increasingly being installed in larger homes and mansions.

Ductless Split Air Conditioning Systems- Ductless split and mini–split systems are new kinds of AC units that has been growing in popularity in St. Petersburg, FL and the surrounding areas in the past couple of years. As their name implies, these air conditioning systems cool your home or office without needing any ductwork. This is very beneficial if your home or office doesn’t already have ducts installed or if there simply is no room to install ductwork. A ductless split AC system is made up of an outdoor compressor and at least one indoor unit that can be mounted on your wall or ceiling. These indoor units are connected to the compressor through a refrigerant line and take care of circulating and cooling the air in the room they’re installed in. These ductless systems have many benefits, including a greatly reduced installation cost because there is no need to put in ducts. Mini–splits are available for small spaces, such as one or two rooms, and can also be expanded to create up to eight separate climate zones in your home. This gives you a much more refined level of control than you would have with most traditional, duct–based systems.

Packaged Air Conditioning Systems - Packaged air conditioners work well for medium to large size homes. If you have a bigger house and you already have ductwork in place a packaged air conditioning system might be the right fit for your home. Packaged AC systems have outdoor and indoor components, but in the case of the packaged system, the indoor unit is an air handler or furnace that manages the movement of air through the ducts in your home.

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